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Engaging your children during the corona Pandemic

Engaging your children during the corona pandemic is not an easy task. But having to manage children within the confines of the house during a state mandated lockdown is an act we have never performed before. All of a sudden Mani is asked by his parents to be inside the house and in fact his […]

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build a Healthy Immune system in child

How to build a healthy immune system in your child?

How to build a Healthy Immune system in your child?  Breast milk plays an important role in developing immune system. Apart from this outdoor games and moderate exposure to sun is also essential. Is your child falling sick frequently? Do you have to visit your child’s pediatrician frequently? You are right; there can be problem […]

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How to talk about the corona virus: Educating your children

How to talk about the corona virus: Educating your children? With the virus doing rounds across the globe, it is important to make your kids aware and help them stay safe while easing their fears. As all of us are aware, the Novel Corona virus, commonly known as COVID-19 as named by the World Health […]

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Myths and Facts around vaccination

Vaccinations are one of the most important contributions to public health and have helped the human civilization battle epidemic and endemic diseases. Smallpox and measles are two primary examples of diseases that took away the lives of millions until vaccination was introduced. Since then society has achieved total eradication of smallpox and brought the spread […]

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Steps schools can take to tackle the outbreak of COVID-19

Preparedness and proper precautionary measures are the only ways to tackle the ongoing corona virus outbreak. We need to protect our children, who are more susceptible to infection. There are various steps schools and teachers can take to make sure children are safe. Large gathering for students should be avoided on the school premises. In case […]

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Superbottoms launches SUPERDRYFEEL nappy!

Superbottoms launches SUPERDRYFEEL nappy! It is India’s 1st dry feel, organic cotton padded nappy with gentle elastics for utmost comfort during diaper free time for little babies. Mumbai: Eco friendly baby products start-up Superbottoms, which is known for its reusable cloth diapers for babies,brings its latest product offering SuperNappy. It is India’s 1st nappy made out of organic cotton […]

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Dealing with Diabetes in Children

Dealing with Diabetes in Children. Exercise, regular check on sugar level and a snack with carb helps in dealing Type 1 Diabetes.   India is home to a whopping 69.2 million people suffering from Diabetes and is anticipated to rise to as much as 123.4 million by 2040. The major point of concern is that it […]

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Children health and happiness

How do you talk to your kids about their future?

How do you talk to your kids about their future? Start by talking to them about having targets instead of setting goals. Ask your children, “what are your targets for this year?” A New Year is beginning, when conversations about goals and resolutions abound. What if you could have a different conversation with your children […]

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Children are more at risk for an eye problem

How Can You Know If Your Child Has an Eye Problem?  

How can you know if your child has an eye problem?   The best way is to undergo vision screening by an Ophthalmologist, if they have high risk factors for eye problems. This is best in the first year of life (around three and five years) and annually if wearing prescription glasses or contact lenses One […]

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