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Magneto clean tech solutions to combat spread of COVID-19.

Magneto clean tech solutions through it’s air purification systems partners with major corporates and business houses to combat spread of airborne COVID-19. Air purification should be a top priority for...

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Safe and save: the new mantra for honouring our water resources

Safe and Save should be  the new mantra for honouring our water resources.We need a disruption that not only provides “healthy drinking water” but reduces the wastage in the process. ...

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MICROPLASTICS: The new hazard?

MICROPLASTICS has now become the nhe new hazard for mankind. Airborne plastics are known to cause lung stress and leads to several systemic health problems including cardiovascular disease. Plastics are...

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Cigarette Smoking – Risks to Human Health and Environment

Cigarette Smoking – Risks to Human Health and Environment. There are more than 4000 chemicals in tobacco smoke, of which at least 250 are known to be harmful and more...

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Prevent Pollution & Conserve Energy

Prevent Pollution & Conserve Energy. June 5: World Environment Day. Two very important oaths, every one of us have to take now. Let us now go little bit deep in to these...

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Environmental pollution also a factor for infertility?

Environmental pollution is also a factor for infertility. There are fears that industrial and agricultural chemicals and heavy metal pollutants are disrupting the reproductive biology animals and may also be...

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