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What is the first aid for Asphyxia (suffocation)?

Asphyxia (suffocation) is a condition in which there is continuous want of oxygen in the circulating blood and as such the tissues are starved of oxygen. Causes for Suffocation External and internal obstruction to the wind pipe eg. hanging, foreign body. Other causes,eg. drowning, chest injuries, injury to brain which control the respiratory activity like […]

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How to avoid head injury?

A majority of the head injuries cases are preventable. Around 85% of the head injury cases are owing to road traffic accident which is avoidable. The other common causes are fall from height, accident at workplace and assault. Head injuries can range from mild to fatal. Even in case of fatal injuries most of the […]

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Do you know the first aid for Fracture?

A break or a crack in the continuity of a bone is called a fracture Causes Direct Force: The bone breaks at the site of the applied force. Eg. Jaw Bone fracture. Indirect Force: The applied force is at one place and bone breaks at another place. Eg. Collar Bone fracture Force due to mascular […]

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First Aid for Heart Attack

Heart Attack is caused by lack of blood supply to the heart muscle. It may come on suddenly or after physical effort. Severe crushing pain in the chest, often spreading to one or both arms, the neck and the jaw is the main symptom of a heart attack. Patient becomes breathless and sweats profusely, he […]

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Training in First aid should be made accessible to all

World First Aid Day : Sep 08,2018 : The theme for this year is “First response to road crashes”. Being in the emergency department we get to see many cases where I strongly feel that, if the people around were trained in first aid, we could have easily avoided serious damages or even saved precious […]

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What is first aid- Do’s & Don’ts

Disasters involve causality with critical serious major or minor injuries. In all such conditions, First Aid assumes significant importance in disaster management. What is first aid? First Aid is the immediate treatment given to the victim of an accident or sudden illness before medical (doctors) help is obtained.  Aims of first aid To Preserve life […]

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