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Hypothyroidism- one of the commonest problems faced by women!?

Hypothyroidism is one of the commonest problems faced by women where in there is decreased production of hormones by the thyroid gland, characterized by lowered cellular metabolism, including low basal body temperatures and unexplained weight gain.Hypothyroidism carries serious physical and mental risks for all ages. Depression is common in hypothyroidism and can be severe. Symptoms […]

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How to prevent and treat Psoriasis?

Psoriasis is an autoimmune disorder that accelerates the life cycle of skin cells. Although the symptoms of psoriasis present on skin, but the true cause is that the immune system is attacking it’s own tissues. Root causes for Psoriasis: 1. Leaky Gut, gut Infections, and candida. 2. Inflammatory diet- Processed foods, refined sugar, gluten, dairy, […]

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Thalassemia- A serious health burden for India!?

Thalassemia is a genetically inherited blood disorder that has one of the highest incidence rates in India, with more than 10,000 children being born with Thalassemia per year making India officially the Thalassemia capital of the world.Thalassemia is a serious health burden for India – reports claim that we have more than 1 lakh people […]

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Arthritis – giving up is not an option

Joint pains and back pain are a very common ailment people visit a doctor with. It becomes disabling if symptoms become chronic. Arthritis has a big impact on the lives of millions of people worldwide. It affects them physically, emotionally and socially as well. It is important to diagnose and treat it early before arthritis […]

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“A disease may be Rare but hope should not be” -Rare to the Rescue

A young women athlete of 24 years suddenly develops severe eye pain out of the blue. Investigations confirm a condition called Neuromyelitisoptica (NMO). This is an autoimmune disease that can cause inflammation and demyelination of the optic nerves and spinal cord. The clinical presentation of NMO can include blindness, paralysis, or worse. Less than 1 […]

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The Asthma Diet: What you eat definitely makes a difference

A good diet is an important part to treat asthma. Just like regular workouts, a healthy diet is good for everyone. That goes for people with asthma too.Asthma is a chronic condition triggered by certain allergens that cause breathlessness, wheezing and coughing by affecting the lungs. This happens because when in contact with an allergen, […]

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What are the Remedies to stop Bed Wetting?

Bed-wetting or nocturnal enuresis,  is not a behavioural problem. Many children do feel embarrassed or ashamed by it.Family members need to be supportive and not critical.By around age 4, children start gaining control over bladder and stop urinating in their bed at night (and stay dry). But in some even beyond the age of 5, […]

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Chose life, not smoking.

How use of tobacco and smoking increases the risk of cancer?

How use of tobacco and smoking increases the risk of cancer? Smoking damages nearly every organ in the human body causing many diseases -especially it is linked to at least 10 different cancers. India is the second largest global producer and third-largest consumer of tobacco and has more than 200 million tobacco users. Of these, […]

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Alzheimer’s disease – The most common cause of dementia

Alzheimer’s disease is a neurological disorder that causes memory loss due to early death of brain cells. It is a condition that mostly arises in old age and keeps progressing with time. It affects the memory, behaviours and thinking capacity of a person. Research suggests that most of the people who are diagnosed with Alzheimer […]

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