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How can you keep your brain healthy?

Brain is the crown jewel of a human body responsible for internal demands and external responses, special interactions, environmental adaptations and spiritual connectivity. Human brain has evolved over millions of years as the most sophisticated, intricately engineered machine with the capability of performing multiple task parallelly as well as sequentially. Brain has two big hemispheres […]

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55-year-old patient gets a new life with endovascular procedure

Aster CMI doctors use unique method to successfully treat patient suffering from brain aneurysm The doctors at Aster CMI Hospital successfully treated a 55-year-old patient suffering from the severe problem of brain aneurysm and Sub Arachnoid Hemorrhage (SAH), also known as Brain Hemorrhage recently.  In a demonstration of path-breaking technology and commitment to save lives, […]

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Autism: Early recognition of symptoms is vital

World Autism Awareness week: April 1 to 7 There is need to create awareness on Autism and the different forms of its disorders. World Autism Awareness Day on April 2 is the right occasion to do the same. We should know that autism spectrum Disorder (ASD) is a developmental disorder and many are quite unaware […]

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Brain Stroke -A serious illness striking younger people nowadays

It was just a normal day until Divya (name changed), a 34-year-old software engineer from Bengaluru noticed tingling sensation on the right half of her body.  She soon realised that she was unable to speak and was unable to explain the situation to her roommate.  Realising that something was amiss, her roommates quickly brought her to  hospital. […]

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