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Corona coronation – enlightenment from Ayurveda.

Corona coronation – enlightenment from Ayurveda.It is high time for all the medical faculty from all the branches to stand together to show their solidarity in controlling, preventing & eradicating...

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Menstruation- myths and facts

Menstruation- myths and facts. Not all myths are facts, but all facts have a reason, an understanding. Myths and facts are a part of learning and understanding science. When it...

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Healthy menstruation – foundation for healthy progeny

Healthy menstruation is the foundation for healthy progeny. Research says that women who menstruate regularly have normal sugar levels. This happened a few years ago. Once a young girl accompanied...

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Shadrasas- tastes of food for healthy life

Shadrasas or the Six tastes food are attributed with special qualities.  The food we eat influences every amsha(cell) of our body.  A meal which is inclusive of the six tastes...

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Strengthen your Respiratory system

Strengthen your Respiratory system for giving the COVID 19 a good fight.Exposure to smoke, dust allergens, viruses, aggravates the Vata in the region of the chest. As the nation is...

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Ayurvedic diet, herbs& lifestyle for a better healthy future

Ayurvedic diet, herbs & lifestyle are for a better healthy future. Here I am suggesting a few very simple ways one can adopt in their daily routine to stay healthy,...

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Worth planting these herbals around the house.

Worth planting these herbals around the house. These herbs can be used as a traditional remedies for primary health-care. Have u ever found your grandma running after a doctor or...

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Manage your geopathic stress with Geowellness

Manage your geopathic stress with Geowellness. It is a simple solution for all your financial and health problems. Today, Geopathic stress is the main cause for most of the problems-health,...

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Ayurvedic Rasayanas to battle against COVID-19

Ayurvedic rasayanas are very helpful to battle against COVID-19. Eventually Ayurveda comes up with an upper hand as Govt. nods Ayurvedic Rasayanas for clinical trials to fight against the upsurge...

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