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Heel pain? Heal it…

Heel pain is a common problem experienced at the bottom of the foot, typically at the point where the heel bears the maximum body weight while standing.  It is most...

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Journey from Dasara to Deepavali

The ‘kala’, ‘samaya’ is divine. It has neither a beginning nor an end. ‘Kala’ follows the accumulated effect of actions...

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Making Diwali safe and fun

Diwali, the beautiful festival of lights, happiness and celebration is just around the corner. Enjoying the festivities with one’s family...

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Take care of your eye during Diwali

Small crackers cause minor burns in the skin, eyelashes or eyelids. But heavy crackers like rockets and “atom bombs” can...

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Wisdoms from Diwali festival

Diwali is one of the most valued festivals of India. The significance of Diwali is the victory of good over...

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How to overcome Insomnia – a Sleep disorder?

Insomnia is a sleep disorder, leading to daytime sleepiness, especially in aged people. Insomnia is a sleep disorder. Insomnia commonly...

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