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HBOT therapy for diabetic foot wounds

A small blister on the foot for a diabetic can quickly escalate into a life threatening situation without proper wound care. Hyperbaric oxygen therapy (HBOT) has been seen as an...

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Add Magic to Winters with Delicious Warm Salads

These unique winter warmer salad recipes straight from the ‘Dr. Oetker India Creative Kitchen’ will leave you with a happy heart, a...

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Makara Sankranthi: A medical perspective

Makara Sankranthi 15th January 2019, Tuesday, Makara Sankranthi is believed to be a time for peace and prosperity. It is...

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Niramai breast cancer detection technology gets international acclaim

Artificial intelligence-based Indian health-tech company Niramai received international acclaim at the recent San Antonio Breast Cancer Symposium (SABCS). It was the only...

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The Perennial Indian Wisdom Needs Upward Mobility and Evolution

India the land of rishis and munis has much to offer to the world in terms of spiritual wisdom. Yoga,...

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DocsApp offers SDK integration; patients can now access on any website or app

Users will now be able to easily consult DocsApp doctors from any platform that has integrated the DocsApp SDK. In...

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