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Pedicle cryotherapy: A technique for bone cancer

Pedicle cryotherapy: A novel freezing technique for bone cancer

Pedicle cryotherapy: A novel freezing technique for bone cancer. Ms. Sayantika Mondal today is thrilled as she is able to run around with her 18 month old son/ daughter.  The new mother was suffering from Ewing’s sarcoma, a rare type of cancer tumour that forms in bone or soft tissue and was almost bed ridden […]

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Arthritis – giving up is not an option

Joint pains and back pain are a very common ailment people visit a doctor with. It becomes disabling if symptoms become chronic. Arthritis has a big impact on the lives of millions of people worldwide. It affects them physically, emotionally and socially as well. It is important to diagnose and treat it early before arthritis […]

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Why Osteoporosis is increasing among urban populace?

There is an increasing number of cases being reported on osteoporosis among Bengaluru’s populace.Termed an Urban Disease, Osteoporosis is a painful ailment which causes bones to go weak and fragile, making the person exposed to fractures, injuries and constant pain. It can start at an age as young as 25 years. Worldwide, osteoporosis causes more […]

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Sakra World Hospital Launches Shoulder Care Centre

Sakra World Hospital has launched its Shoulder Centre recently.  This centre is a one-of-its-kind dedicated specialized shoulder care centre in Karnataka and will offer advanced state of the art surgeries for shoulder and upper limb. This  Shoulder Centre is equipped with highly specialized team and will cater to sports injuries from various sporting bodies and […]

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different aromatic oils

Joint Pain : Aroma oils a natural remedy

Joint Pain – Aroma oil a natural remedy  Having joint pains/ arthritic pain, do not take it as old age syndrome. Reports says even youth and middle age people have Joint Pains. Movement of Muscles and Bones does not mean increasing wear and tear of Joints but it might be deficient supply of vital nutrients […]

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Back pain

Back pain is a common problem for adult men and women. Experts look at the causes and preventive measures. Back pain is the most common complaint among adults under the age of 45. Back pain brings their activities to a total halt and poses a big hurdle in the career growth. Researchers say that it […]

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