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Why infertility is becoming rampant even amongst young married couples?

Being childless is emotionally and physically unpleasant and it is very lonely journey of life.According to the Indian Society of Assisted Reproduction, 10-14% of married couples in India face infertility. Nearly 27.5 million couples who want to conceive suffer from infertility.  Some of the causes for infertility are lifestyle factors, increasing marital age, rising alcohol […]

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Testicular heat stress: The reason for male infertility?

 The testicles or testis are core organs of the male reproductive system. Covered by a sac called scrotum, the two egg shaped testicles hang between the legs – they make sperms and male hormone testosterone. The other important intra – testicular structures are vas deferens, seminiferous tubules, epididymis and the tunica covering layers. Germ cells […]

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Avoiding to Consult Sexologist Can Make Married Life Worse!

Relationships go through many ups and downs. Married life is subjected to a lot of more misunderstandings and disturbance if you avoid your partner physically as well as mentally. If you see your sexual life, getting faded away, consult a sexologist. It isn’t a matter of embarrassment but rather something which needs to be guided […]

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3 Ways A Divorce Can Impact Your Health

By Cass McFoley There is no denying it; divorce can be extremely difficult. With rising rates of divorce among couples across the globe, many people are finding themselves trying to navigate life post separation. In 2016, the divorce rate in India averaged 1.1 percent, according to Census Data published in The Times India. Although relatively low compared […]

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