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Magnetic Field (SPMF) Therapy for Brain tumor

In India, at least 40,000-50,000 people are diagnosed with Glioblastoma Multiforme (GBM) brain tumors, of which 20 percent are children. Brain tumors are primarily treated with surgery, Chemotherapy and Radiation. After these treatments, the average survival is not more than 14 months. This indicates that such patients are left with very little or no chances of […]

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Why Lung Cancer is turning into an epidemic in India?

A 38-year-old patient visited hospital with complaints of pain in left side chest and double vision. During the process of understanding his case history, the patient revealed that he is a chain smoker and has been feeling bouts of chest pain since few months. Initially, he had consulted a doctor elsewhere for chest pain & […]

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How Ultraviolet Rays damages – Skin, Eyes and DNA?

It is better to keep ourselves safe from the harmful Ultraviolet Rays (UV) radiation. The ozone layer is depleting. And due to this, the UV rays are entering the earth’s surface. Upon research and understanding, it has been proved by scientists that the UV rays are indeed causing damage to nature and Human beings. Skin […]

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Time to get united for anti-tobacco campaign

World No Tobacco Day 2019 (May 31) It is evident to the common man that the tobacco epidemic is real and a major public health challenge. Several reports attribute tobacco for the death of one person every 4 seconds. It continues to kill over 8 million people every year, despite a steady reduction in tobacco use […]

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Can we prevent and control Cancer through diet?

Recent research has dramatically changed  our thinking  about  the  role  of  diet  in both  prevention  and  treatment  of  cancer. It is increasingly  clear  that  certain  dietary  elements  may  help  to promote  the development  and  spread of  malignancies (cancer),  while  others  slow  or  block  tumor  growth. Around 30 to 35 %   cancers are diet related. To […]

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Weight Gain raises Colorectal cancer risk

It is difficult to believe that in India, just a decade ago, Cancer was not a commonly known disease, but at present cancer is on the rise and prevalence in the country. Changing lifestyles, smoking, consumption of tobacco, increased consumption of alcohol, changing dietary habits, obesity, late age pregnancy and fewer births, environment pollution urbanization […]

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