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Skill development and job oriented courses

Nandans Academy starts job oriented courses

Bengaluru: Dr.Nandan’s Academy has started skill development and job oriented courses to create job opportunities for the youth in the field of health care and patient care. Most importantly Dr.Nandan’s Academy  provides – Physiotherapy, Laser therapy, Psychotherapy, Wound care and First aid training and courses. Basic certificate and advance diploma courses are available. These courses will […]

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finance health

How mental health is correlated with your financial health?

“Money Greases the wheels of life and allows problem to be more easily solved” People often ignore  that their financial condition  have much impact on  their mental health.Research shows that financial issues and mental health problems often go hand in hand. Researchers also found that debt is one of the major reasons for most of […]

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Son saves father’s life in a rare liver transplant surgery- Plasmapheresis

David Marshall, a 54 year old gentleman suffered from serious Liver problems and came to Kumaran Hospitals,Chennai where he was diagnosed with Liver Failure and Liver Cancer. The problem was very serious and it was clearly evident that only a Liver Transplant could save his life. Though Tamilnadu is the pioneer in organ transplantation and […]

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Financial Health and Happiness

Happiness is that feeling that comes over you, when you know life is good. It is opposite of sadness. Happiness is the sense of wellbeing, joy or contentment. There are four chemicals in the brain that effect happiness, dopamine, oxytocin, serotonin and endorphin. India ranks 9th on happiness among 28 global markets, as per IPSOS, […]

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Medvarsity partners with Singhania University to enhance patient safety training

 Medvarsity Online Ltd., a leader in online medical education, has partnered with Singhania University to provide in-depth knowledge and skills needed to improve healthcare quality and patient safety. The Master’s in Healthcare Quality and Patient Safety course is intended to upskill students to effectively monitor and improve quality metrics, along with enhancing safety for both the […]

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HealthHR 2019 explores the evolving role of HR in India’s fastest-growing industry  

Hyderabad: CreativeSprout through Assimilate, in partnership with Medvarsity has organized India’s first Health HR conference in Hyderabad today which discussed, showcased, and acknowledged the power of HR in transforming India’s business market, especially Healthcare. The conference addressed some of the critical points on the roles of HR beyond hiring and managing employees. It acknowledged that HR […]

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MICROPLASTICS: The new hazard?

Plastics are materials that bend and change shape – these have reshaped the world of convenience!  Plastics are ubiquitous – from bottles of packaged water to various packs of medicines (including medicinal liquids) – and these plastic bottles have replaced glass.  Plastic has endeared to manufacturers and marketers due to processing convenience, light weight, unbreakable […]

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