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Doctors and health care workers are at highest risk.

Doctors and health care workers are at highest risk during this corona pandemic. The fatality rates are much higher in doctors than those among the general population. By now everyone must have understood how the corona virus originated, spread in Wuhan then the rest of the world. I am here not to talk about the […]

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Reporting of COVID-19 in press and media

Reporting of  pandemic COVID-19 has neither rules nor guidelines, though covering a war often has rules for the media. Reporters are at the pandemic war-front exposing themselves to the dangers of infection. Duty is paramount, but self-protection is also equally important. Covering a war often has rules for the media. But covering a pandemic of […]

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Fit to fight corona from Portea

Home Healthcare brand Portea rolls-out Fit to Fight Corona solution to help its customers stay safe during the COVID-19 health crisis. The novel-corona virus (Covid-19) has emerged as one of the biggest threats to global healthcare in modern times. With over 200,000 infections and a mortality rate of 4%, this virus has once again underscored […]

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Corona lockdown: We need to reconnect with our inner self

Corona  lockdown :We need to reconnect with our inner self. Model & photographer Adhiraj shares his days in complete lockdown.  “An Idle Mind is the devil’s workshop” – Remember the popular proverb we learnt when we were in school. My father had a habit of quoting proverbs to me when I was in school. Little […]

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Naturopathic care for Corona virus

NATUROPATHIC VIRUS CARE: A virus not only cause damage to the body by itself, but additional damage, sometimes lethal, is caused inadvertently by our own immune system responding to the virus. It is vital to seek the treatment that will allow the immune system to respond appropriately. We, the naturopathic doctors focus on supporting the […]

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Wellbeing in the times of COVID-19 lockdown

The unexpected COVID-19 pandemic has caught us unawares. None of the living generations have experienced in their lifetime a general lockdown of the kind we are experiencing today. The state initiated lockdown measures to control the pandemic through social distancing appears harsh but probably is a measure of last resort given the rapid explosion in […]

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Chose life, not smoking.

Smokers are at higher risk of COVID-19

Smokers are at higher risk of COVID-19. People should take this as 21 day Corona challenge for quitting says health experts.  The corona virus pandemic is evolving too rapidly for conclusive evidence to have emerged on the impact of smoking on an individual’s susceptibility to COVID-19 infection. However, there is overwhelming evidence that people who […]

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Unrealistic optimism may be behind breaking lockdown and curfew

Unrealistic optimism may be behind breaking lockdown and curfew. The survey highlights that 60.5% of people are worried about the health of their family members, while 45.3% are confident that Govt. will handle COVID-19 pandemic situation. Ahead of curfew and lockdown to cut-down on COVID-19 pandemic’s spread, people have been found violating the norms of […]

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Hand hygiene: The life saviour for corona virus infection

As Miss World 2017, and even later in life, I would like to take health and hygiene to everybody: Manushi Chhillar (medical doctor and Ms. World) The rapid spread of contagious Covid-19 corona virus infection across the globe is a game changer for our lifestyle, social life and commercial activity. We will never know normal […]

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