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Dental Stem Cell Banking – A New Ray of Hope

If you were born in an era where stem cell banking was not popular and facilities were not available, you do not have to think again. Also if you have missed banking umbilical cord stem cells at the time of birth, again you do not have to repent. New research has shown that you bank […]

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Magnetic Field (SPMF) Therapy for Brain tumor

In India, at least 40,000-50,000 people are diagnosed with Glioblastoma Multiforme (GBM) brain tumors, of which 20 percent are children. Brain tumors are primarily treated with surgery, Chemotherapy and Radiation. After these treatments, the average survival is not more than 14 months. This indicates that such patients are left with very little or no chances of […]

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BRAINS launches Hybrid Operating Room – 1st of its kind in India.

Brains Neuro Spine Hospital has launched Hybrid Operating Room-the first of its kind operating suites at BR Life SSNMC Hospital. Sri Sri Sri Jayendra Puri Maha Swamiji, Padasevaka Peetadhipathi of Sri Kailasha Ashrama Mahasamsthana launched and blessed the complex. The new operation theatre complex has got exclusive operating rooms with the most modern gadgets to […]

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JUSTDENTAL : One-stop destination for your dental problems!

Bengaluru Based Corporate Turned Entrepreneur Santhosh Kumar Is Bridging the Gap Between Dental Patient Care And Their Ailments Through JUSTDENTAL. The oral health is of least significance when it comes to the people of India. A lack of public identification of oral health deterioration and general awareness pulls back the people from seeking proper dental […]

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How Artificial intelligence is impacting Healthcare Industry?

Artificial intelligence (AI) has been playing a critical role in industries for decades and today it has taken a leading role in the healthcare industry. It is undergoing a paradigm shift, evolving from a human-driven to a technology-enabled sector. From hospital care to clinical research, drug development and insurance, AI applications are revolutionizing the sector […]

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‘Tweak & Eat’: Wellness App for specific health goals

PurpleTeal inc., a leading US based mobile healthcare (mHealth) service provider, has launched ‘Tweak & Eat’, a fast-growing AI-powered wellness App in Kuwait in partnership with VIVA, Kuwait’s fastest-growing and most developed telecom operator. Tweak & Eat aims to empower health-conscious users with ‘Just-in-time’ meal advice (i.e. ‘Tweaks’) from nutritionists who analyze the nutritive content […]

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NIRAMAI to develop software for detecting River Blindness

Artificial intelligence-based Indian health-tech company Niramai has announced that it will build on their current Thermalytix technology for controlling spread of River Blindness. This project is being supported by Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation. Artificial intelligence-based Indian health-tech company Niramai announced that it will develop an artificial intelligence (AI)-based computer-aided software for controlling spread of River Blindness.  Niramai […]

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Why is IT (Information Technology) Relevant in Healthcare?

‘Information’ is the essence of better management  Management of patient care Management of personnel Management of Finances/other resources We get access to ‘data’ from many sources day in and day out, but the relevant piece of it and ‘compiled’ version is known as ‘Information’. Information helps in better and timely decisions. Healthcare providers – Doctors, […]

Read More – Eat all you want and lose weight!

Who doesn’t need a helping hand when it comes to losing weight? And it only gets better when it is at our own convenience without any hassle of travelling and taking appointments. To tackle weight problems and at the same time taking care of taste buds, is here to provide a personalized, flexible and […]

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