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Intelligent ambulance placement for maximum efficiency

At present the average response time of a medical emergency vehicle is 9 minutes. By strategically and intelligently placing them, we can further reduce this time, and increase the number...

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How to overcome the bottlenecks in Indian healthcare system?

Every year around the world, millions lose their lives due to lack of access to primary healthcare, and many more...

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INDIAN PENNYWORT – A medicinal plant in your own yard

The plant is aptly named Saraswathi, Satyavathi, Smarini and Brahmacharini as it is used in many problems concerning women. It...

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How a Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons (UK) Membership is a game-changer for Indian doctors?

As laudable as it is to be a doctor, the aspiration to serve the community and make it into a...

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Do you know the role of ” Magnesium”- The master mineral in maintaining health?

Magnesium is a highly important mineral, as it contributes to fortifying human health, especially bones and muscles. It is known...

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Schizophrenia : Bring Hope rather than just a Defining

Schizophrenia is a chronic and a severe mental disorder which affects more than 21 million people, worldwide. Narrowing it down...

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