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Do you know the first aid for Fracture?

A break or a crack in the continuity of a bone is called a fracture Causes Direct Force: The bone breaks at the site of the applied force. Eg. Jaw...

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A child must not cough their childhood away!

The increase in outdoor and indoor pollution is responsible for increasing Astama India has recently been in the limelight for...

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Why Falun Dafa: A ‘phenomenon’ worthy of attention?

May 13th holds a special significance for people all over the world whose lives have been positively impacted and transformed...

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Encourage conscious motherhood with premarital genetic counselling

Thalassemia is a genetically inherited blood disorder that has one of the highest incidence rates in India, with more than...

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Let us Understand Lupus better

World lupus day is marked on the 10th May of every year. It is a global health problem. Understanding the...

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Slap lesion: What to do?

Every Sport person or Fitness freak might experience shoulder pain at some point of time in his or her routine...

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