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Healthcare sectors expectations from Budget?

The healthcare spending may increase to 2.5% of the GDP by 2025.Do you know what the healthcare sector is expecting from Union Budget?Budget 2020-21 will be presented on February 1. Meena Ganesh, MD & CEO, Portea Medical, India’s leading consumer healthcare brand: India has one of the lowest spending on healthcare globally. While it was […]

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How to avert heart problems in winter?

Winter is a tough time for people with heart diseases and those prone to them.Raising awareness on the importance of preventive screening and healthy lifestyle in  winters is very necessary to avert heart-related problems. Do you know how to avert heart problems in winter? Low temperatures in winter can be detrimental for people with heart […]

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In-Med Prognostics launches NEUROShield

In-Med Prognostics launches NEUROShield, a brain quantifying analytics tool for neurological disorders. Pune based In-Med Prognostics, a health tech company developing AI based brain health diagnostic and prognostic tools, has launched NEUROShield, a cloud-based Clinical Decision Support Tool for neurological disorders.The hospitals and clinics deploying this technology stand to benefit as it leverages clinical decision support mechanisms to […]

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Nandans Academy starts job oriented courses

Bengaluru: Dr.Nandan’s Academy has started skill development and job oriented courses to create job opportunities for the youth in the field of health care and patient care. Most importantly Dr.Nandan’s Academy  provides – Physiotherapy, Laser therapy, Psychotherapy, Wound care and First aid training and courses. Basic certificate and advance diploma courses are available. These courses […]

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What is “IT” doing in healthcare?

Healthcare, in the 2nd decade of the new millennia has remained top priority for the haves and have-nots too.  It is always the  élite  west that still considers healthcare as primordial to all other aspects of life. However, the third world too has started opening its eyes to the  healthcare industry. We are probably adding […]

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VLCC now has the recommended by IMA stamp.

In a first in the fast-growing Wellness services segment in India, the weight management and wellness programmes of leading beauty & Wellness brand, VLCC now has the “Weight Management and Wellness Program Recommended By Indian Medical Association”(IMA) stamp. This was announced by the company , stating that it is the only weight management and wellness […]

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This winter, warm up your life with Gaia’s latest range of infusions tea

 Delivering on its commitment to fostering health and wellness, Gaia has rolled out its latest collection of Infusions Tea. The leading health & wellness brand has added three new hot beverages to its existing array – Rose, Moringa and Hibiscus – to keep its users warm and healthy throughout the season.  Rose:An aromatic infusion made […]

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What is an adverse drug reaction (ADR)?

An adverse drug reaction or ADR is an unwanted, unintended harmful reaction that occurs at doses normally used for treatment following the administration of a medication(s), that is suspected to be related to the use of such medication. The reaction may be a known side effect of the medicine or it may be a new previously […]

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Do you know the medical benefits of cranberry?

Keeping health into consideration, cranberries due to their high nutrient and antioxidant content are often referred to as Superfood. Half a cup of cranberries contains only 25 calories. There are several health benefits of cranberries like: They are good for the heart. They are fat-free, cholesterol-free, low in sodium and a good source of dietary fiber. […]

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