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Amla-the super food, immunity booster

Amla is a super food with amazing health benefits. Multiple studies have shown that amla strengthen immunity with rich source of vitamin C and A. Amla is called amalaki in Sanskrit....

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The gut health defines brain health and the central nervous system.

The gut health is very important in our overall health and well-being. Recent studies have illustrated the importance of “gut health” in regard to brain health and the central nervous...

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Malnutrition and mall nutrition suppresses immunity

Malnutrition and Mall nutrition leading to suppressed immunity says new study. Onco Nutrition (EON), with its team of scientists is collecting evidence on the relationship between diet infections, nutrition immunity...

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The devastating gluten and gut bacteria.

The devastating gluten develop inflammation and damage in the intestinal tracts and other parts of the body. Another problem of consuming gluten for a long time is the development of...

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Shadrasas- tastes of food for healthy life

Shadrasas or the Six tastes food are attributed with special qualities.  The food we eat influences every amsha(cell) of our body.  A meal which is inclusive of the six tastes...

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Binge eating during covid-19 crisis

Binge eating during covid-19 crisis is a stress for everyone. Food is neither friend nor enemy, food is fuel. Maintain a routine for food. Binge eating during covid-19 crisis is...

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Strengthen your immunity for fighting against COVID-19

Strengthen your immunity for fighting against COVID-19 outbreak. A well-balanced diet, which includes a variety of vegetables, fruits, and protein can help to increase your immune function. In just three...

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Build up your immunity system via proper nutrition

Build up your immunity system via proper nutrition-what health experts advise. While the world continues to face seasonal influenza, a new global public health concern has emerged with the corona...

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Indian traditional foods increase immunity.

Indian traditional foods increase immunity.“In this regard  Mahanasa has come out with a unique “Arogya Kit”- healthy food and immunity boosters. Now the whole world has realized the meaning of...

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