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‘Tweak & Eat’ hits the Half Million user mark in record time!

‘Tweak & Eat ®’, an AI-powered wellness App is gaining solid traction with 500,000 downloads among the health conscious consumers across India, Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Philippines, Kuwait and USA. ‘Tweak & Eat’ is designed to help users with ‘Just-in-time’ meal advice (i.e. ‘Tweaks’) from nutritionists who are aided by its AI platform. ‘Tweak & Eat’ […]

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5 PM Snacking? Choose it wisely!

Till the recent past only the health enthusiasts consumed protein rich diet, however, the growing awareness of diseases caused due to protein deficiency have added significantly in the consumption of protein dense food by the masses. A working professional with a hectic lifestyle, will hardly have time to prepare a protein-rich snack. That’s when munching […]

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Indian scientist innovates world’s first Turmeric Juice

Founder of Bengaluru based startup, Dr Vijay Kanuru has developed a unique turmeric juice through patented formula by utilizing a nano-biotechnology based approach                     Most of Indians have grown up with their grannies applying turmeric on the wounds and giving it within milk for regular cold. Inspired by his grandmother’s use of turmeric water for […]

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How safe are the vegetables, fruits we eat?

Over 50 per cent of Indian food products are contaminated with pesticides residue. Most of the pesticides are lethal poisons which cause cancer, fertility problems, brain tumors, childhood leukemia, birth defects etc… How safe are the vegetables and fruits available today? Not very, it would seem. It is estimated that over 50 per cent of […]

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Healthy beginning to a Nutritious life with microgreens

Bringing the vegetable confetti concept from the west, Farm2Fam has introduced fresh and nutritious live-microgreens for all Mumbaikars.  It is often seen when life gets busy; fitness always seems to be the first item dropped from the to-do list. Farm2Fam promises to be a quick fix for our daily intake of nutrition as their microgreens […]

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Who doesn’t need a helping hand when it comes to losing weight? And it only gets better when it is at our own convenience without any hassle of travelling and taking appointments. To tackle weight problems and at the same time taking care of taste buds, is here to provide a personalized, flexible and […]

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Salt wonder – Is salt harmful to our body?

Doctors these days recommend less salt diet. Is salt harmful to our body?  In fact, it is very essential for proper functioning of body, just like air and water. Too much or too less of salt can create havocs in the body. Salt plays a major role in the functioning of the human body as it […]

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Micro-greens : Perfect blend of taste and nutrition

With the vision and dream of entering into niche market of live microgreens industry, Farm 2 Fam has come out with their stimulating products. Microgreens are grown using the perfect amalgamation of the traditional Indian method of agricultural technology of insulation and automation.  Micro-greens is a perfect blend of taste and nutrition.  They are around 40 […]

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Is it possible to end hunger by the year 2030?

As per statistics of the United Nations, India is home to 190.7 million undernourished people – a 14.5% prevalence of hunger in comparison with its total population. Hunger is one of the major concern areas for countries around the world. The UN resolution on the Sustainable Development Goal (SDG) #2 aims to end all forms […]

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