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Conduent’s management system Maven – to Fight Coronavirus

Conduent Market-Leading Disease Surveillance and Outbreak Management System to Fight Coronavirus Company’s Flexible Platform, Maven®, Already Customized and Implemented by Government and Health Organizations to Track, Manage and Report Confirmed Coronavirus Cases. Conduent to Configure and Deploy Coronavirus Tracking Module for Additional Government and Health Organizations Seeking Support. Conduent Incorporated (Nasdaq: CNDT) has announced a […]

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Intravascular lithotripsy

India’s First Coronary Shockwave Lithotripsy 

Team led by Dr Ashok Seth performs a novel technique for the first time in India to open up severely calcified and hard blockage in a 67 year-old patient with heart attack. A team of doctors led by Dr Ashok Seth, Chairman, Fortis Escorts Heart Institute(FEHI), New Delhi performed India’s First Coronary Shockwave Lithotripsy on 11th January afternoon […]

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In-Med Prognostics launches NEUROShield

In-Med Prognostics launches NEUROShield, a brain quantifying analytics tool for neurological disorders. Pune based In-Med Prognostics, a health tech company developing AI based brain health diagnostic and prognostic tools, has launched NEUROShield, a cloud-based Clinical Decision Support Tool for neurological disorders.The hospitals and clinics deploying this technology stand to benefit as it leverages clinical decision support mechanisms to […]

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IT in health care

What is “IT” doing in healthcare?

Healthcare, in the 2nd decade of the new millennia has remained top priority for the haves and have-nots too.  It is always the  élite  west that still considers healthcare as primordial to all other aspects of life. However, the third world too has started opening its eyes to the  healthcare industry. We are probably adding […]

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Joint Replacement and Arthroscopic Surgeon at the CARE Hospitals

Golden Knee Replacement surgery by CARE hospital

Hyderabad: A specialised team of orthopaedic surgeons at the CARE Hospital, Banjara Hills replaced a 57-year old woman’s problem knee with a golden knee. The patient was admitted to the hospital with excruciating knee pain, and a history of right knee polio limb with gross osteoarthritis, deformity and laxity. According to Dr Manojkumar Gudluru, Robotic […]

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idea behind Regenerative medicine

Regenerative medicine & tissue engineering : Solution for organ transplantation

Regenerative medicine & tissue engineering : Is it a solution for organ transplantation? Regenerative medicine helps for regeneration and replacement of a variety of tissues and organs . Tissue and organ shortages have been identified as a major public health challenge with only a small percentage of deserving patients receiving transplantations. Most waiting lists for […]

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Son saves father’s life in a rare liver transplant surgery- Plasmapheresis

Son saves father’s life – Plasmapheresis

Son saves father’s life in a rare liver transplant surgery- Plasmapheresis. David Marshall, a 54 year old gentleman suffered from serious Liver problems and came to Kumaran Hospitals, Chennai where he was diagnosed with Liver Failure and Liver Cancer. The problem was very serious and it was clearly evident that only a Liver Transplant could […]

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healthcare data monetization

Smartphone and their impact on human relationships

Health technology: As the smartphone becomes the center of universe in our lives, its impact on society, on behaviors and every day human connections is significant. Global smartphone brand vivo in association with Cybermedia Research (CMR), has announced the results of the study titled ‘Smartphone and their impact on human relationships’, to dive deep into […]

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Syenergy Environics launched radiation protection solution – Enviroglobe

Syenergy Environics launched radiation protection solution – Enviroglobe. Let’s fight E-pollution before it causes irreparable health damage. Electromagnetic fields from mobile phones and laptops produce non-ionizing radiation, which gives rise to the electromagnetic pollution, also named as e-pollution or electrosmog. If you think your mobiles and laptops are the only source of e-pollution, you are […]

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