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Be aware of Killer Tobacco

  • Tobacco kills up to half of its users, kills more than 7 million people each year.
  • More than 6 million global deaths are the result of direct tobacco use while around 890 000 are the result of non-smokers being exposed to second-hand smoke. Of the more than 6 million tobacco-related deaths every year across the world, one- sixth occur in India alone.
  • Total tobacco-related deaths are expected to reach 8 million by 2030. The Global Youth Tobacco Survey (GYTS) estimates doubling of deaths from smoking because of the increase in smoking among young girls compared with adult females, the high susceptibility of smoking among never smokers, high levels of exposure to second hand smoke, and pro-tobacco indirect advertising.
  • Around 80% of the world’s 1.1 billion smokers live in low-and middle income countries

Second hand smoke (passive smoking) is the exposure of non-smokers to smoke that fills restaurants, offices or other enclosed spaces from tobacco products – cigarettes, Bidis and water pipes. About 34,000 non-smokers die from heart disease each year from exposure to second hand tobacco smoke in USA and is a leading cause of heart disease in non-smokers, your children, partner and friends.

  • In adults, second-hand smoke causes serious cardiovascular and respiratory diseases, including coronary heart disease and lung cancer.
  • In pregnant women there is a high risk of complications during delivery. it causes low birth weight of the new-born babies. Infants have higher risk for sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS).
  • Almost half of children regularly breathe air polluted by tobacco smoke in public places. In 2004, children accounted for 28% of the deaths attributable to second-hand smoke. Children exposed to tobacco smoke are more likely to have ear infections and asthma.
  • Second-hand smoke causes more than 890 000 premature deaths per year.

Third hand smoke is residual nicotine and other chemicals left on indoor surfaces by tobacco smoke. People are exposed to the chemicals by touching contaminated surfaces or breathing in the off gassing from these surfaces.


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