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How to avert heart problems in winter?

Winter is a tough time for people with heart diseases and those prone to them.Raising awareness on the importance of preventive screening and healthy lifestyle in  winters is very necessary to avert heart-related problems. Do you know how to avert heart problems in winter? Low temperatures in winter can be detrimental for people with heart […]

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Do diet plays a major role in protecting the arterial system?

Cardiovascular events being on the rise among young Indians is a serious matter of concern. The prevailing incidences of stroke & cardiovascular events, are quite evident that epidemic like situation is bound to prevail in India, as more and more young Indians (20-40 years of age) are under its radar. When almost 80% of such […]

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How diabetes effects heart health?

Diabetes causes major long-term complications in patients and is a leading cause of cardiovascular diseases. It doubles the risk of heart ailments in patients with nearly 75% deaths caused by coronary artery disease. Globally, nearly 2.2 million deaths are caused by cardiovascular diseases and other complications like renal failure (kidney failure) arising from diabetes. As […]

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How yoga can help to maintain healthy heart?

Cardiovascular disease is one of the leading causes of death globally, thus it has become imperative to educate individuals about healthier lifestyle. Heart diseases and stroke are major public health problems killing several million people worldwide. It is a bigger problem for India because of the fact that younger individuals are getting affected.India is home […]

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SRCC Children’s hospital redefines holistic pediatric care in India

Every year 2.4 lakh children in India are born with Congenital Heart Diseases and one-fifth of them need specialist treatment in their first year. On the occasion of World Heart Day, SRCC Children’s Hospital managed by Narayana Health announced that it will conduct 200 cardiac surgery per month for needy children under various Government schemes […]

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Cardiovascular diseases – An insight

The epidemic of cardiovascular diseases has taken deep roots in India & many other developing countries. The burden of death due to coronary heart disease continues to increase & suitable preventive efforts are yet to make a significant impact. Now it is a well-known fact that coronary artery disease tends to occur earlier in life […]

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Why young Indians are at an increased risk of heart diseases?

People between 24 to 27 years are also being diagnosed with heart problems and a majority of those with these conditions are men.Recent data gathered by Agatsa, India’s most agile health solutions innovator, has revealed that Indians have a higher average resting heart rate of 83 beats per minute as against the desired 72. The results […]

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What are the factors that lead to Heart failure?

Heart failure occurs when the heart muscle fails to pump blood efficiently as it should. Some of the risk factors that leads to heart failure directly or indirectly are: 1.Diabetes 2.Smoking or chewing tobacco 3.Hypertension, High cholesterol or a family history 4.Lack of excercise 5.Unhealthy eating 6.Under stress/Lack of sleep 7.And the biggest risk factor is […]

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How you can lead a healthy life after a heart attack?

Don’t lose heart. Even after a heart attack, you can lead a healthy and productive life.With the progressive hardening and narrowing of coronary blood vessels, the blood supply to the heart muscle starts diminishing. As long as the blood supply is adequate to meet the demands of the heart an individual will not have any […]

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