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Work-related diseases: Do you know 2 Million People die each year?

According to researches, close to 160 million cases of work-related diseases are reported to occur globally each year, with 2 million people facing death. This indicates that every day, almost 5,000 workers die as a result of preventable diseases such as COPD, skin diseases, radiation illness, which has been induced or aggravated by a particular exposure in the workplace.

The major occupational diseases/morbidity of concerns in India are silicosis, musculoskeletal injuries, coal workers’ pneumoconiosis, chronic obstructive lung diseases, pesticide poisoning and noise induced hearing loss.

Dr. Kiran Kumar, Unit Head, BR Life SSNMC Hospital says, “The number of occupational injuries and diseases are on the rise in India due to ignorance of what causes them as well as the lack of facilities that can help in recovering from them. Women especially are at higher risk as they dedicate much of their time for work and family and little time to take care of their health. Through such industry meets, doctors get to meet their peers and discuss ways to handle such critical health problems.”

A healthy workplace always improves the productivity of the employees thereby, leading to the growth of the company. A small step taken by organizations today can initiate the necessary preventive measures towards occupational health hazards. Such measures can improve the lifestyle of each working class and can help in leading a healthy work life balance. Creating a safe and healthy work environment will promote a healthy work culture that can help to reduce work place related diseases and injuries.

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