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Tweak & Eat’s AI platform can now identify over 2,00,000 food items

purple tealTweak & Eat’s AI platform can now identify over 2,00,000 food items. ‘Tweakyfai’, Tweak & Eat’s AI platform has reached a landmark milestone and can now identify over 2, 00,000 plates of unique food. ‘Tweak & Eat’, is an AI powered wellness app for weight management that is designed to empower health-conscious users with ‘Just-in-time’ meal advice (i.e. ‘Tweaks’) from nutritionists who analyse the nutritive content of the meals and provide suggestions to make the meals healthier.

Tweak & Eat’s Tweakyfai ®’, its proprietary AI platform helps nutritionists do a better job of giving real time meal advice and information to the health conscious users by automating the ‘tweak’ (meal-modification) activities. The ‘tweak’ includes analysing meals, generating the nutrition profile of the meal and escalating certain exceptions to the nutritionists. Tweaks are designed to improve the health profiles of one’s meals. Such real-time assistance during meals is very helpful to users who are trying to follow certain ‘diets’ to manage various lifestyle-related health conditions like diabetes, BP, hypertension, etc.

Commenting on the milestone, Mr. Anand Subra, Chief Knowledge Officer, of PurpleTeal Inc, says, “Tweakyfai has learnt from real world foods – there is a huge difference between photo shopped food images on the internet, and the real world food plates as an user consumes it. The fact that Tweakyfai can now recognize more than 2,00,000 ‘real world food’ items is incredible – all this within one year. We intend to make Tweakyfai the most sophisticated AI food platform with the largest number of identifiable food items across the world. Tweakyfai is now learning at blitzing speed!”

The App is owned by PurpleTeal, Inc., a leading US-based mobile Health (mHealth) service provider. Co-founded by Narayanan Ram and Anand Subra, PurpleTeal has a presence in Hyderabad and Chennai. As a recent development Tweak & Eat has recorded 8, 00,000+ app installs. ‘Tweak & Eat’ ranks as the 4th trending App on Google Play Store in the health & wellness category and is one among the top performing health & wellness channels according to YouTube with visitor engagement increasing month-on-month.

 Mr. Narayanan Ram, CEO of PurpleTeal Inc adds, “Since the time of its launch in India, ‘Tweak & Eat’ has gained solid traction among the health concious consumers across diverse markets.  We look forward to growing an informed and healthy society as Tweakyfai gains momentum. By the end of 2020, we aim to register 15 million subscribers worldwide. We are building an extensive database of multi-ethnic food images, nutritional data and individual preferences.”

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