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Tweak & Eat® ‘Premium Tweak Pack’ Service launched

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Tweak & EatChennai: Tweak & Eat®, a very popular AI-powered wellness App has launched a new ‘Premium Tweak Pack’ service. The app and service is available in India, Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Philippines, Kuwait and USA.

‘Tweak & Eat’ inculcates healthy eating behaviours and is the first App & Service that allows users to eat as they normally do while just modifying their meals a bit (‘Tweaking’). Live nutritionists provide personalized, real-time meal-modification advice just before users eat each meal and nudge users towards healthier eating, one meal at a time. Subscribers need not remember their diet plans, estimate or track anything about their food intake – theyjust need to use the App to upload a picture of their meal. Tweak & Eat’s AI-enabled platform immediately analyses the food items and the nutritional make-up of the meal, and helps nutritionists in making real-time ‘Tweaks’ to the meal. Tweaks are based on one’s individual goals and body parameters, and refer to portion control, re-proportioning, eating sequence, tips and other meal-modification suggestions. They are intended to improve the nutritional profiles of users’ meals so that diet-related health conditions like weight, diabetes, BP, etc. can be better managed.

The Premium Tweak Pack includes the following:

a) Unlimited Tweaks – upload a picture of every meal, snack or drink and receive a Tweak with visual, graphical, and personalized inputs from your nutritionist, as you are eating.

b) Get a Nutrition Label with every uploaded picture, showing the nutritional content: Calories, Carbohydrates, Protein, Fat, Fibre and more. And… you will never run out of Nutrition Labels with a Premium Tweak Pack subscription – it’s unlimited!

c) Easily monitor your Nutritional Trends – Calorie, Carbs, Protein, Fat, and Other Trends, right on the main page (you can see your Trends as soon as you open the app). Make the ‘Trend your Friend’, and reach your health goals faster.

d) Upon subscription, the first week is free of charge. After that, it’s just Rs.99/- per month. That’s a tremendous value!

PurpleTeal IncMr. Narayanan Ram, CEO of Purple Teal Inc, said,  “The ‘Premium Tweak Pack’ puts every user of Tweak & Eat in control of their own Nutritional Trends. The trends are based on what the user consumes and the tweaks. Each user can watch their own trends, become more aware about their eating habits and make their own mindful dietary decisions with hand-holding from our certified nutritionists, one meal at a time. This will help all our users reach their health goals in the most optimal time.”


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