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‘Tweak & Eat’ hits the Half Million user mark in record time!

Tweak & Eat ®’, an AI-powered wellness App is gaining solid traction with 500,000 downloads among the health conscious consumers across India, Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Philippines, Kuwait and USA. Tweak & Eat’ is designed to help users with ‘Just-in-time’ meal advice (i.e. ‘Tweaks’) from nutritionists who are aided by its AI platform.

‘Tweak & Eat’ ranks as the 4th trending App on Google Play Store in the health & wellness category and is one among the top performing health & wellness channels according to YouTube with the engagement increasing 300% month-on-month, over the last 3 months.

How the App works:

All one needs to do is to use the App and upload a picture of one’s meal (plate of food & drink)!

Tweak & Eat’s AI-enabled platform immediately analyses the food items and the nutritional make-up of the meal, and helps nutritionists in making real-time ‘Tweaks’ to the meal. Tweaks are based on one’s individual goals and body parameters, and refer to portion control, re-proportioning, eating sequence, tips and other meal-modification suggestions by nutritionists. Tweaks are designed to improve the health profiles of one’s meals so that diet-related health conditions like weight, diabetes, BP, etc. can be better managed. Tweak & Eat treats every meal as a ‘teachable moment’ to inculcate healthy-eating behaviours. It makes ‘eating for health’ very simple: no need to enter a bunch of text, no need to remember which foods to eat/not eat, no counting, no tracking, nothing… just follow the tweak. We do all the work.

Tweakyfai ®’, its proprietary AI platform is being used to automate some ‘tweak’ activities such as analysing meals, generating nutrition labels and escalating certain exceptions to nutritionists. It helps nutritionists do a better job of giving real-time advice and information to users. Tweak & Eat also supports integration with devices like fitbit, iWatch etc. and enables personalized reminders to be set for breakfast, lunch, dinner and other meal-times.

The App is owned by PurpleTeal, Inc., a leading US-based mobile Health (mHealth) service provider. Co-founded by Narayanan Ram and Anand Subra, PurpleTeal has a presence in Hyderabad and Chennai. It serves over 1.6 million subscribers in 15 countries in 12 different languages. Today the company is recognized among top 25 ‘Most promising Internet companies in India’.

Talking about the App, Mr. Narayanan Ram, CEO of PurpleTeal Inc, said, “In the last 6 months, we have seen soaring user engagement and overwhelming traction across geographies with AI being our backbone predominantly. 500,000 downloads is a real testimony to the rising health consciousness among today’s consumers. Building on our successful journey in the Asian market and our recent launch in the US market, we just entered the Middle East market by launching Tweak & Eat in Kuwait and the response has been great. We will also be expanding our premium services to cater to more specific health conditions and requirements. With ‘Tweak & Eat’ the aim is to hand hold people to better health, to help build an informed healthy society.”

The basic ‘Tweak’ function and other functions like Tweak Wall and Recipe Wall are free of cost. Certain other features like nutrition labels, AI-based diet plans, detox plans etc. are expected to range from Rs.38 for a pack of 10 Nutrition Labels, to Rs.149/month for an AI generated Monthly Diet Plan Service, to Rs.4,900/- for a longer service package, where a user can get comprehensive and proactive hand holding by an assigned nutritionist, based on their nutritional trends, and includes unlimited Nutritional labels, diet plans and chat sessions with the assigned nutritionist. Users can subscribe to any plan based on their specific health needs.

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