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‘Tweak & Eat’ hits 1 Million users within first year of launch

New Delhi: Tweak & Eat®’, wellness App has garnered over 1,000,000 installs among health-conscious individuals (HCI’s) across India, Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Philippines, Kuwait and USA.The launch of its two new premium weight management programmes, ‘My Tweak & Eat’ and ‘My AiDP’, has been a major catalyst in driving dramatic app engagement. Also its AI platform, Tweakyfai, is being trained meticulously to recognize multi-ethnic food images and process more nutritional data.

‘Tweak & Eat’ is designed to inculcate healthy-eating behaviours and is the first App & Service to allow users to eat as they normally do while just tweaking it a bit through personalized, real-time advice. Live nutritionists provide this dietary advice just before users eat each meal. Subscribers need not remember their diet plans, or estimate or track anything about their food intake. All that they need to do is to use the App and upload a picture of their meal and Tweak & Eat’s AI-enabled platform immediately analyses the food items and the nutritional make-up of the meal, and helps nutritionists in making real-time ‘Tweaks’ to the meal. Tweaks are based on one’s individual goals and body parameters, and refer to portion control, re-proportioning, substitutions, eating sequence, tips and other meal-modification suggestions by nutritionists. Tweaks are designed to improve the health profiles of one’s meals so that diet-related health conditions like weight, diabetes, BP, etc. can be better managed.

Mr. Narayanan Ram, CEO of PurpleTeal Inc, said, “We are extremely elated to close 2019 on a high – reaching 1 million users in less than a year is a real testimony to how health & wellness consciousness is evolving among consumers. Our approach to hand-holding users at the time of consumption (while eating) is unique, innovative, and successful. Our AI platform is helping us do this faster as each day progresses. ‘My Nutrition’ trends (that shows trends of Calories and Nutrients for the last 10 plates consumed by a given user) to reach health outcomes is a massive hit! We expect our innovation of hand-holding users at the time of consumption to become a norm in 2020.”


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