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Truths behind the use of Contact Lens

Shashwat Kedia, Founder & CEO, LensicoTruths behind the use of Contact Lens. By knowing the facts behind contact lenses, one can use lenses properly and safely.  Shashwat Kedia, Founder & CEO, Lensico helps you to learn more about contact lenses by uncovering the truths behind the following myths

Contact lenses are great alternatives to regular eyeglasses for correcting your vision problems. They are also ideal for patients with active lifestyles as they will not slip, fog, or fall.

  1. Myth – They will get lost behind your eye

Truth – This will never happen as a thin membrane called conjunctiva covers your eyes, making it impossible for your contact lenses to get lost behind them.

  1. Myth – They can pop out of your eyes.

Truth – Modern contacts fit closer to your eyes, preventing them from falling out even during physical activities.

  1. Myth – They require too much maintenance. 

Truth – One has to follow the easy instructions provided by the eye specialists to make sure they stay clean before one wears them.

  1. Myth – Contact lenses are uncomfortable to wear. 

Truth – One might have to adjust to them at first, but they will get more comfortable over the time.

  1. Myth – They can get stuck inside your eyes. 

Truth – The solution that comes with your contact lenses keeps them moist, preventing them from sticking onto your eyes. Following the simple instructions from the lens company can make your tasks smooth.

  1. Myth – Lenses can melt on your eyes. 

Truth – Only high temperatures can melt the contact lenses, so they will not easily melt while you are wearing them. If you feel like your lenses are sticking to your eyes, all you need to do is to add more moisture.

  1. Myth – One should put in contacts after putting your makeup on.

Truth – It is always advised wearing contacts before you apply any makeup, oil, or primers. Your hands should also be clean before you use your contacts. When removing makeup, make sure you remove the lenses first.

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