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This winter, warm up your life with Gaia’s latest range of infusions tea

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This winter, warm up with infusions tea. Gaia has added three new hot beverages to its existing array – Rose, Moringa and Hibiscus – to keep its users warm and healthy.

Delivering on its commitment to fostering health and wellness, Gaia has rolled out its latest collection of Infusions Tea. The leading health & wellness brand has added three new hot beverages to its existing array – Rose, Moringa and Hibiscus – to keep its users warm and healthy throughout the season. 

aromatic infusion made of pure rose petalsRose: An aromatic infusion made of pure rose petals, Gaia’s Rose Tea is a premium beverage that contains highly beneficial vitamins, minerals, and natural oxidants, known to improve the overall functioning of the human digestive system. Having a cup or two of this delicious tea on a regular basis aids weight loss and removes toxins from the body, protecting one from urinary tract infections and many other illnesses.

Moringa: Accepted as a ‘miracle herb’ or ‘super food’ worldwide, Moringa Tea is made from the pure extracts of moringaMoringa Tea leaves/drumstick and offers myriad health benefits. It contains crucial nutrients such as protein, vitamin B6, vitamin C, riboflavin and iron. Moringa oleifera helps lower your cholesterol levels and potentially reduces the risk of heart diseases. The leaves used in its preparation, are low-fat and nutrient-dense, and significantly helps in controlling blood pressure and sugar levels. 

Hibiscus: Widely known for its ability to prevent hypertension and lower blood pressure, this tea ensures that yourHibiscus tea liver stays healthy. Rich in vitamin C, flavonoids and having laxative properties, a cup of this red brew helps in smooth digestion and weight management. Highly recommended for women, it offers relief from menstrual cramps, mood swings, and depression.

 Dolly Kumar, Founder and Director, Gaia says, “As the days get a little shorter and a lot colder, let’s add some warmth in our lives and make this winter healthier than ever. With this vision, Gaia has launched its new range of hot and delicious beverages while ensuring that consumers remain fit and healthy throughout the season. The three premium hot teas – rose, moringa and hibiscus – offer numerous benefits, including weight management, lowering cholesterol levels, prevention from heart diseases, among others. The latest launch also reaffirms our commitment to promoting health and wellness across India. Going forward, we will continue to bring more such healthy products to our users and make sure they enjoy good health throughout their lives.”

Since its inception, Gaia has remained at the forefront of ensuring health and wellness to its users through a wide range of healthy foods, nutritional supplements, and snacks. The latest array of infusions further strengthens its commitment towards making India a healthy and disease-free nation.

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