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Sakra world hospital treats two patients free of cost on world osteoarthritis day 

Bengaluru: Sakra World Hospital, a leading multi-specialty hospital in the city has successfully treated two patients suffering from severe Osteoarthritis for free of cost. This initiative by Sakra was conducted on the occasion of World Osteoarthritis Day (Oct 12) and as a part of their CSR activities that aims to provide world-class medical services for needy patients. Shriya (name changed), a 33-yr-old from Andhra Pradesh and Patel (name changed), a 60-yr-old from West Bengal came to Sakra World Hospital for advice and consultation.

Shriya was suffering from a condition known as Hip dysplasia. It is the most common cause of childhood hip arthritis, a person with this condition have a hip socket (acetabulum) that is too shallow to support the ball (femoral head) of the hip that causes the hip joint to become partially or completely dislocated. Shriya had already consulted different doctors in her hometown and underwent different surgeries in the past but there was no improvement in her condition. She continued to suffer on the right side of the hip due to this she became dependent on her family members to carry out day to day activities. On further observation, her right hip was found to be shorter by 7.5 cms that resulted in the titling of her spine causing difficulties in movement. Because of this, Shriya suffered from constant back pain.

Whereas, Patel was suffering from severe arthritis for the last 25 years that limited his potential while walking or taking stairs. Patel was advised for surgery but due to his financial issues, he was reluctant to undergo the surgery.

At Sakra, both the patients’ conditions were evaluated, counselled under the guidance of Dr Chandrashekar P, who recognized the severity of the condition and the financial hardship of the families. Both were provided complete free treatment at the hospital. Post the surgery, Shriya and Patel’s conditions improved significantly and were able to walk without any difficulties.

Dr Chandrashekar P., Sr. Consultant & HOD – Orthopaedics said, “It is of utmost importance to create awareness and educate the public and osteoarthritis patients when to consult a doctor, identify the cause of the problem and provide proper treatment. In India, many people are suffering from osteoarthritis that cannot afford the surgery.”

Arthritis is of huge concern today. It is the second most common disease affecting the population worldwide next to diabetes. Arthritis predominately affects the knee & joint, hips, shoulder and legs of our body. Due to this, people with arthritis find it difficult to perform day to day basic activities. In India, the prevalence of women with osteoarthritis is more than men. Obesity is one of the major issues another can be the ignorance of any injuries that might turn severe later. In a year, Sakra World Hospital conducts over 2,500 orthopaedic surgeries out of which more than 750 are minimally invasive computer navigation assisted replacement surgeries. The hospital is in the forefront in aspects of technology adoption in Karnataka and have completed over 10,000 orthopaedic surgeries.

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