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Organ donation-India struggling with shortage of organs for transplantation

India is struggling with acute shortage of organs for transplantation and there is dire need to increase awareness on organ donation. According to a report, more than 500,000 people are waiting for organ transplant in the country and only handful of 3,500 transplants are performed annually.

Despite India being the world’s second-most populous country, it has a poor deceased organ donation rate of just 0.26 per million population compared to 26 in the US. Undoubtedly, the demand far outstrips the availability of organs. Due to the prevalence of myths and superstitions, many do not think about donating their organs even after death. Awareness on organ donation is therefore the only way out of this depressing scenario.

Unfortunately, very people in India have any idea about organ donation, or how they could potentially help after their deaths. Awareness sessions have to be held at offices, colleges, schools, and even homes to change this scenario. Most organ and tissue donations occur after the donor has died. But some organs and tissues can be donated while the donor is alive..However, the hope is the more potential donors there are, the more the likelihood of organs becoming available to save lives.

Organs can be donated by anybody in good general health. Organ donation is a noble deed and the need of the hour. So, this World Organ donation day, take a pledge to help those who are in need of organs for survival.

Dr. Sonal Asthana,
Sr. Consultant – HPB & Transplant Surgery,
Aster CMI Hospital
Bengaluru- 560092
Ph: 080-43420100

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