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Kids eye care tips for healthy vision

Kids eye care tips for healthy vision: Lawrence and Mayo, India’s most trusted optical retailer shares few valuable insights and suggestions that should be followed for keeping your child’s eye safe and healthy from the very early stage.

Kids eye care tips for healthy vision

Kids eye care tips for healthy visionChildren are constantly growing, changing, and evolving. Their eyesight is an important part of their growth and needs to be taken care of from an early age. While maintaining vision at every age is important, children’s eyes are particularly prone to long-term damage. Children’s vision varies drastically and it is often difficult to decide when the right time for the eye checkup is. However, right guidance from the experts and adequate care, plays a crucial role in addressing any eye – related problems.

  • The initial signs of eye problems to notice in your child are squinting of eyes, reading difficulties, frequent headaches, sitting too close to television sets or computer screens or leaning closer to the book they are reading, covering one eye to see, etc. In clinical terms it is called Myopia.
  • Every child till the age of 13 must have their eye checkups done under tertiary care and follow it up with reputed, trusted and professional optical clinics. There is a need to develop specific skills for providing eye care to children.
  • Parents are concerned to get their kid’s eyes checked with the specialist but 80 percent of the parents neglect the point that getting the proper spectacles for their kids is equally important. If the rx will have high minus or having astigmatism it is very crucial to get the correct centration for the glasses and selecting the proper refractive index as per the prescription.
  • The frame selection is also an  important aspect to counter their vision problems
  • Kids often get a condition called Lazy Eye or Amblyopia in which the kids complain of squinting which can be corrected by proper vision therapy and proper centration of the pair of spectacles.
  • Children these days are addicted to smart phones, computers and Ipads, it possesses greater risks to their eyes. There are special lenses called Eyezen with Crizal Prevencia coating specific for this which needs to be used.
  • Parents have often various myths regarding contact lenses, especially when it comes for children but even they can use contact lenses safely if explained about the proper care regime and are given the correct type of contact lens as per the parameter of the eye and the usage pattern.Kids eye care tips for healthy vision

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