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How to avoid head injury?

A majority of the head injuries cases are preventable. Around 85% of the head injury cases are owing to road traffic accident which is avoidable. The other common causes are fall from height, accident at workplace and assault. Head injuries can range from mild to fatal. Even in case of fatal injuries most of the patients can be saved if the treatment is started within 1 hour of the incident calling for alertness and timely action even by bystanders.

Some of the ways one could help a person who has had a head injury is by moving him/ her away from dangerous location (like fire, middle of the road etc), calling for help and shifting them to a hospital as early as possible. Though timely action may be able to save many, avoiding or prevention is always a better option. Following certain preventive measures like wearing a helmet while riding, avoiding rash driving or ensuring adherence to traffic rules and driving safely as well as calling for help whenever an accident is spotted can go a long way in preventing casualties owing to head injury.

Dr Vishwas H V
Consultant – Department of Neurosurgery
Narayana Health City

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