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Areca Milk Mix – A health wonder

Health Benefits of Arecanut

The Arecanut palm is the source of common chewing nut, popularly known as betel nut or Supari. In India it is extensively used by large sections of people and is very much linked with religious practices. India is the largest producer of Arecanut and at the same time largest consumer also. Major states cultivating this crop are Karnataka (40%), Kerala (25%), Assam (20%), Tamil Nadu, Meghalaya and West Bengal.

Price fluctuation of Arecanut is a problem to the Arecanut farmers. They are not able to forecast the price independently. The unavailability of transport facility to the Arecanut growers make the farmers bound to sell their produce through middle men/agents. Moreover only few Arecanut farmers do fermentation process. The price of fermented nuts is more as compared to ripe mature nuts because of its value addition i.e. dipping in the pit with water for four to six months. The fermented nuts have high demand because of its taste. There is fluctuations in the price of Arecanut, which is a major concern of farmers, importing of Arecanut is also contributing for decreasing price. 

“Aracanut or puga phala is having great medicinal properties….it has astringent taste (kashaya rasa) and because of this it has scrapping (karshana) property. It can clear the various body channels hence its excellent in atherosclerosis (accumulation of cholesterol in blood vessels), reduces cough with expectorant (kapha), good in reducing fat hence used in obesity, when used with betal leaves it cleanses mouth and secretions and digests the food and increase appetite…” says Dr Mahesh Sharma, SDM institute of Ayurveda and Hospital, Bengaluru

“In India many farmers are depending on Arecanut, and to overcome this problem  we have come with an alternative use of Arecanut. So we came with a new product which has many health benefits” says Nikhil Bhat Malali

“When used with lime it can help in maintaining the stability of bones because of calcium content. That is how our elders remained healthy and fit…and nobody used calcium tablets nor had gastritis”. Ayurveda emphasizes “tambula sevana” and its benefits and says to be (Hridya) that is good for cardiac system, good for maintaining the patency of circulatory system” – says Dr Mahesh Sharma

“First I tried to prepare cold drinks and with lot of research I was able to get powder  from Areca,  and the taste is similar to Badam.  “ARECA MILK MIX”. is derived after lots of research.  It can be used daily as cold and hot drink”. says Nikhil Bhat Malali


Areca powder, sugar, smelling agents, preservatives.

Benefits of “Areca Milk Mix”

Stroke Recovery

Betel nut extract and Areca mix is a great idea for stroke recovery. Improvements have been noticed in the patients suffering from speech problem, bladder control and muscle strength. It is in accordance with ‘InteliHealth’” says Nikhil Bhat Malali  

Prevents Anaemia

Betel nuts have been in use for several years like a medication to deal with anaemia in pregnant women. They’re good for making up severe iron deficiency and low blood glucose levels. Frequent, however moderate, usage of betel nut might help to combat  iron deficiency.

Can control diabetes

Arecoline is among the bio-chemicals present in betel nut. This particular bio-chemical has been analysed to have a considerable control on diabetes. Tests on lab animals showed control of blood glucose levels for the considerable time period. 

Prevents cellular degeneration

Areca mix include antioxidants which help to avoid cellular degeneration within the older ones.

Can control hypertension or blood pressure

Studies have shown that the tannins contained in betel nut are helpful in managing high blood pressure by inhibiting the reaction to both angiotensin I and II.


Chewing betel nuts does make a feeling of well-being and euphoria. This may be one more reason behind its increased use. The elated feeling can make users happy. Users also have reported experiencing a warm feeling in the body after consuming this.

Prevents Nausea

Drinking of areca mix helps prevent nausea. Betel nuts could be chewed just before travelling to avoid vomiting sensation.

Prevents stomach problems

Stomach problems just like indigestion, diarrhoea and stomach aches is often curable. Consuming Areca mix provides rest from dysentery and in addition helps prevent it when consumed regularly.

Relieves from excess heat

Drinking of Areca mix helps to reduce excessive heat through the body of a human. Consuming betel nuts with betel leaves can be quite beneficial in the summers.

Anti-depressant properties

In accordance with Ayurveda, betel nut is helpful to the nervous system. Research on betel nut shows that it does have anti-depressant qualities. Tests on Rats recommended that betel nut extracts decreases stress.

Immunomodulatory Properties

Taking areca mix  rises the immunomodulatory response. The extracts of betel nut demonstrated modulation of arachidonic acid metabolism which influences the platelet production.

Energy Booster

The reason behind its increasing popularity is its capability to boost energy. Thanks to its stimulating effects, users experience elevated levels of energy quickly upon drinking this drink.

“As per the reviews of the consumers – it wakes them up and offers energy to continue with their day-to-day routine. By using of Areca nut and this powder very useful and helpful to our health and mainly fit for human health”  – Says Nikhil Bhat Malali 

How to use with Hot milk:

Take required quantity of water, milk and sugar as per your taste. After boiling add one packet of “Areca milk mix” powder. With 1 spoon of powder we can prepare 4 cup of malts.

Cold Areca milkshake:

In a vessel, take required quantity of water with little quantity of milk. For this add “Areca milk mix” powder. Refrigerate for few minute ( optional). With one spoon of powder we can prepare 6 to 7 cup of milkshake.

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