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A new startup that empowers men to revive their sex lives

How a new startup empowers men to revive their sex lives? India to go beyond the impotence capital of the world with Bold Care.

boldcareThe stigma around sexual problems is literally killing people. Yes, your erections are your body’s check-engine light – an early indicator of cardiovascular diseases. The number of men affected by sexual problems in India is on a steady rise. In fact, a recent survey showed that more men under 30 suffer from erectile dysfunction now than ever before. Thanks to email and WhatsApp, work hours never truly end and unhealthy lifestyle habits are making the situation worse.

Since discussing these problems with their partners and doctors isn’t easy, men try to avoid doctor visits by making excuses and try covering it up. This goes on until less embarrassing, but life-threatening problems, such as heart attacks, reveal themselves. With scams and false claims everywhere, getting a reliable solution easily is close to impossible. Scared of judgement from society, men hesitate to talk about their sexual health. 90% of men – our fathers, brothers, husbands, friends – never take a consultation.

India is called the “impotence capital of the world”, with 90 million men silently suffering from mild to severe sexual problems – almost three times the number of men with diabetes. In an attempt to re-invent the treatment process for men’s sexual health, a startup called Bold Care lets you consult licensed sexologists for free and get personalized treatment kits for problems like erectile dysfunction and premature ejaculation.

Bold Care is an online men’s sexual wellness platform which helps Indian men get easy online sexologist consultations and personalized treatment kits delivered to their doorstep. It  curate all the doctors on one platform and ensures the highest quality of medicines. It’s kits include personalized treatment plans with exercises, diet and lifestyle changes. With unlimited post-consultation follow-ups, Bold Care helps to find a permanent cure for  sexual problems.

boldcareBold Care is founded by Rajat Jadhav, Rahul Krishnan, Mohit Yadav and Harsh Singh, who have known each other for the last 12 years. In late 2016, Rajat and Rahul started an e-pharmacy startup during a time when this space was picking up momentum. By mid-2019, the four of them got together to focus on specialised men’s sexual health, an issue which is affecting relationships and society at large.

“We want to build a movement for men to fully understand and appreciate their bodies, and open up when something goes wrong” says Rajat Jadhav, the CEO of Bold Care. Bold Care aspires to be India’s first mentech startup – using smarter technologies to improve every aspect of men’s health. Problems like erectile dysfunction have a huge impact on your mental wellbeing”, says Rajat, “Just by opening up to someone, you’ve won half the battle. On our platform, everyone has a dedicated Bold Care Assistant, available 24 x 7 via WhatsApp, ready to answer any questions about treatment plans or just offer a sympathetic ear. Sometimes a little advice beats a little blue pill, and we want to encourage that.”

With Bold Care, the team wants to spark a conversation about sexual health and destigmatize the taboos around it. They envision an India where people seek help for their sexual issues just like they’ve started opening up about mental health issues in the past few years. A change is needed and Bold Care believes technology is the best catalyst.

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