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How to manage your Geopathic Stress?

Geo wellnessHow to manage your Geopathic Stress?
Today, Geopathic stress is the main cause for most of the problems. If these junctions come under the bed, main door, study table, office table or chair, stove, etc. it can create a lot of health related problems.Even if the house or office is 100% Vaastu compliant, if Geopathic Stress junctions comes under it ,thenĀ  problems may arise. Earth is a magnetic field which frequency is 7.89 Hz. Every 8 feet magnetic grids are running from north to south and east to west vicevarsa. Under the ground there is movement of water, deposits of mineral, cavity, fault lines or cracks. When these cross the magnetic grids,then the frequency goes more than 7.89 Hz which is very harmful to human beings, animals, plants etc. These junctions and lines produce harmful rays which are not visible but very harmful for health, wealth, relationship and harmony.
If a junction is present under the bed of a patient in a hospital then the patient will not respond to the treatment. The best remedial measure is to shift the patient from one bed to other bed. Most of the time you might have noticed some when you shift to new house then suddenly health, relation and business related problems start. You would have also noticed that when you go for a tour or holiday most of your health problems automatically get solved.Some people even think it is a black magic, which is wrong.
  • Effects of Geopathic Stress:
picture indicating Effects of Geopathic StressSome indicators of sleeping in a Geopathic stress zone : Insomnia, Restless and night mares, Sleep waking, Feeling cold, Tired and not refreshed by sleep,Vomiting or depressed, Appetite in morning, Feeling down, Nervous, Tearful on waking Crams and Increased heart rate in bed, Hyperactive.
School children affected by Geopathic stress, are often slow in learning, may be lazy, forgetful, moody, restless, bed wetting, aggressive or antisocial and constantly missing school due to chronic ill health etc.


Brochure of Geo wellnessWhen their desk is affected by a stress zone they may be incapable of doing home work there. If it is at their school desk then they will hate going to school, and may get stomach aches, fainting, vomiting, and will often be staring out the window.
Studies have shown that 95% of failed examinations were due to the presence of zones of disturbance.After beds in Geopathic stress zones are shifted then the children often have an instant improvement in sleep, appetite, increased health & well-being, attention spans and interest in learning, improved thinking and memory and ultimately improved school performance generally.
  • Your Health is like a bucket
A bucket which gradually gets filled up with things harmful to your life, Geopathic Stress could fill up 50% of it. The remaining gets filled up by bad diet, unhealthy food additives, physical and mental strain from accidents, psychological trauma, smoking, excess drinking, strained relationship with other people, effects from illness or death in the family ,work, financial pressure, effects from electromagnetic fields and other environmental pollution, etc.
When your health bucket overflows, you get a serious illness. Take the Geopathic stress away and your bucket may only be 50% full and your immune systems will get strengthen, enabling you to cope with e.g. diseases, power lines and all the other things listed above.
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