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First Aid for Heart Attack

Heart Attack is caused by lack of blood supply to the heart muscle. It may come on suddenly or after physical effort.

Severe crushing pain in the chest, often spreading to one or both arms, the neck and the jaw is the main symptom of a heart attack.

Patient becomes breathless and sweats profusely, he may suffer sudden giddiness,


If conscious

  • Put him in a half sitting position with head and shoulder supported with pillows and knees bent. In this position hearts works economically than when a person is lying down.
  • Loosen his clothing around the neck, chest and waist,
  • Do not give anything to drink/eat
  • Do not allo w him to move as it increases strain on the heart.
  • Do not allow him to fall forwards.
  • Shift the patient immediately to the hospital.

External cardiac compression

  • Place the casualty face upwards. Lift the jaw upwards, thus straightening the neck,
  • Kneel close to the patient’s side.
  • Achieve the Xiphoid notch by sliding the index finger of the hand.
  • The heel of the other hand is then placed on the lower half of the sternum.
  • The heel of the other (first) hand is then placed over and parallel to the hand (which is on the patient’s sternum).
  • Only the heel of one hand is in contact with the lower half of the sternum. Then interlock the fingers of both the hands.
  • Exert pressure vertically downwards through both arms to depress the adult sternum 1l/2 to 2 inches.
  • Keep your elbow straight and to deliver pressure vertically down.
  • Heel of the hand should not be removed from the chest during relaxation.
  • If you are on your own do 15 compression to 2 ventilation.
  • If two people are providing, give 5 compression to 1 ventilation.
  • Compression and relaxation should be rhythmic and of equal duration.
  • The heel of the hand should not be removed from the sternum
  • Pressure on the sternum must be released, so that it can return to its normal seating position between compressions.


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