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Heart health – Quitting smoking is the single best thing you can do—

Stopping smoking has huge benefits to protect the health of heart and it’s never too late to give up. The risk to heart health decreases significantly soon after you stop smoking. Quitting smoking reduces smoking-related death by heart disease by half and is key in the management of atherosclerosis, blood clots and abnormal heart rhythms […]

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World No Tobacco Day – A WHO initiative

May 31st- World No Tobacco Day “World No Tobacco Day -2018” focused on the important link between tobacco and heart disease. Tobacco Free Initiative (TFI) by WHO include, surveillance and monitoring, implementing tobacco control, support quitting tobacco, watching and countering the tobacco industry, tobacco product regulation and WHO’s mandate on monitoring the tobacco industry. The […]

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Exam Preparation Tips

Student guide Bring out the best in you……………………… For most of the student exams is the worst part of studying. You are stressed and if you have not been studying properly within the academic year then exam becomes big task. This is the matter bothering many people. Children are worried that they cannot keep in memory […]

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Drug Abuse Among Women in Punjab

Drug abuse in documentaries has been shown among men only and that’s half truth. The spread of the problem to women has not been focused upon quite as much. Hermitage, a rehab especially for women in Amritsar reported increasing incidence of drug abuse by women, it’s slowly coming out. And as with other problems affecting […]

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Behaviour Modification

Principles & Applications Of Behaviour Modification The Behaviour modification paradigm posits that Behaviours are learned. The processes of learning these Behaviours may be different. Behaviours can be adaptive or maladaptive. Adaptive Behaviours are those which help the individual to deal effectively with the changing demands of the situations and hence leading to increasing quality of […]

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Stop Learning with Blogging

This has been observed for past few years that few people tend to write more than they read. There is a blind race on the social platform to express more than what your peer can express. It doesn’t matter whether it’s making any meaning to others or some designated class of readers, however it must […]

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